Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Elizabeth May of Kensington Publishing

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.51.30 PM.pngElizabeth May is an editorial assistant at Kensington Publishing Corporation where she works primarily with editorial director Gary Goldstein on genre fiction and select nonfiction.

She recently acquired Cynthia Tennent’s Truhart contemporary romance series for Lyrical Press. She is seeking many categories of genre fiction, and particularly enjoys books that walk the line between upmarket and commercial, as well as historical women’s fiction, and mysteries where the characters are as important as the crime, a la literary suspense. You can find her on Twitter: @LizMay05.

She is seeking: Fiction areas of interest include action/adventure, commercial, fantasy, general, historical, horror, humorous, LGBTQ, literary, mystery, new adult, religious, romance, science fiction, women’s fiction. Nonfiction areas of interest: biography, crafts/DIY, history, humor, journalism, memoir, pop culture, travel, and true crime.

In her own words: “I would love to find the next Outlander—or a romantic adventure story that is going to take me into another world and time period and introduce me to a new set of supernatural and/or historical elements. I love mysteries, the darker the better. Would love to find the next Ruth Ware or Laura McHugh. Atmospheric and character driven psychological thrillers, especially with a unique female voice. Would love to find the next Elizabeth Hoyt, or Kresley Cole, a romance author who can really blend humor, drama, and amazing character development and sexual tension to create an unputdownable romance. I’d like to find the next Seth Grahame Smith, supernatural thriller with the kind of quirky and unique hook that can’t be ignored, and demands a space in the cultural conscience. I also seek the next Marie Kondo—a self-help styled book that seems so simply innate that as soon as you hear about it you wonder why you haven’t already read it.”


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